Meet Anvita

Owner and founder of Veganvita Life, Anvita Sharma is certified in plant-based nutrition and a Registered Nurse based in Southern California. Her health journey started at a young age, and was heavily influenced by her upbringing. She was raised on a fairly healthy eggless vegetarian diet, at times much to her dislike. “My mom always made a bunch of lentils and vegetables, when all I wanted was cheesy pizza. How things have changed!”

Like many young women, she struggled with her own body image issues, food addiction and weight loss. As she tried to overcome these issues, she began to research fitness and nutrition. The more research she did, the more she understood how much a person’s health and wellness is influenced by diet choices. Gradually she went from a vegetarian who skipped PE class and loathed vegetables, to daily workouts and a love of veggies. Eventually coming to the realization that a vegan and plant-based diet was the right choice for her.

From a business graduate working in the finance industry, to a career in healthcare and becoming a qualified health coach, Anvita is constantly evolving professionally and personally. Providing care to chronically ill patients for over a decade, has been somewhat of a reality shock for Anvita. While it has been rewarding, Anvita wasn’t fulfilled. The Western medicine practice of prescribing medications to sick patients to treat symptoms rather than the cause was not healthcare, it was sick care.  She experienced frustration as there was little time to spend with patients to teach them how to empower themselves through their own health, naturally. After seeing some of the positive effects she had on her patients like weight loss and lowering cholesterol and other risk factors, she decided now was the time to share her knowledge and skills to help others.

Veganvita Life was born.

Anvita has a strong focus on career development because she wants to give her clients the best possible health coaching. She regularly attends professional plant-based conferences, continually furthers her studies, and keeps up to date with the latest nutrition and lifestyle research.

She has a huge passion for helping clients optimize their diet for weight loss, to fight chronic disease, enhance athletic performance, increase energy, and improve their overall health and wellbeing. Apart from being certified in plant-based nutrition and a full time RN, she also runs an Indian Classical Dance school in Southern California.

“I fully understand the struggles that so many of us face. From lack of self-confidence and body image issues, to unhealthy food choices and weight loss hurdles. I also understand how a plant-based and vegan diet can completely transform a person’s health and wellbeing. I’ve got practical tips that are super easy to add into your busy, everyday life. I’m there with you every step of the way.”

 If you want to change your life, start with Anvita and Veganvita Life.  


“It was tough, even though the only thing I had to give up was dairy, so I started with cutting it out once a week, and I came up with this thing called Vegan Tuesdays.”

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Veganvitalife is a plant-based coaching service offering a comprehensive program tailored to your personal health and fitness goals. The Veganvita Program aids weight loss, improve health and wellness, addresses food addictions and gives you the tools you need to live your best vegan life.

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